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RPG a Day: Day 30

Describe the ideal game room if the budget was unlimited.

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Honestly, furnishings are secondary after a certain basic minimum is met.  A nice, sturdy table capable of seating perhaps eight people, comfortable chairs for people to sit in.  Enough room that the table and chairs aren’t crowded.  A floor-to-ceiling book shelf full of games, and some additional shelving for miniatures.  A small cabinet to put gaming supplies in.  A refrigerator and a small kitchenette for food.  A bathroom nearby because we’re getting older.

Some sort of audio-visual aids for laptops and the like, a white board, a projector and screen, and a stereo system would also be nice.


RPG a Day: Day 29

You can game anywhere on earth, where would you choose?

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The bottom of the Mariana Trench.  Nobody would wander off.  There would be no cell phone reception.  Nobody outside the gaming group could wander in or call or text.  And even if someone did decide to leave they would have to spend considerable time decompressing and we could continue to game while that happened.  As an added benefit, deep ocean life could be used as illustrations for horror games.

Image result for deep ocean vent life

Or weird pokemon


RPG a Day: Day 28

Thing that you would be most surprised a friend had not seen or read?

Um – a sunset?

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No, no – what film or novel would you be most surprised a friend had not seen or read?

That’s not what the question asked.

Give me a break.  Space was limited.


I have no idea what this has to do with RPGs, but I recently discovered that a good friend of mine, a wargamer of many years, had never read James Mitchener’s Tales of the South Pacific.

Needless to say I am planning a gift for the near future.



RPG a Day: Day 27

Most unusual circumstance or location in which you have gamed?

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Sophie has already told this story on her blog, and told it well, so I will just provide a link.




RPG a Day: Day 26

What hobbies go well with RPGs?

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  • LARPing
  • Cooking (having a hobby of “doing dishes” works even better, but this is rare)
  • Miniature painting
  • Board gaming
  • Miniatures tabletop gaming
  • Reading
  • Theater
  • Astronomy
  • Science
  • Movies

RPG a Day: Day 25

What makes for a good character?

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  1. Parents.  Or at least some sort of  background connection to the world.  Orphaned loners – been there, done that, it doesn’t build an interesting campaign.
  2. A useful niche.  Every character should have something that they are better at than any other member of the group, and this should be something useful.  “Useful” is somewhat vague because all campaigns and characters are different, but generally speaking you will get more utility out of a character who is the best private investigator on Babylon 5 than a character who is the best pastry chef on Babylon 5.
  3. An ability to support other characters.  This doesn’t mean that you need to be a full-blown support character, but sometimes other characters will have the limelight, and the best thing your character can do is help them make the best of that.
  4. Created by you.  Pregens are useful in a lot of situations, but they don’t take the place of a character that you create yourself.
  5. Not an asshole.  The main reason that characters are assholes is that they are being played by assholes, but sometimes you do get a perfectly well-meaning player who just doesn’t understand why their superhero modeled on Archie Bunker doesn’t work well in your pan-African near future campaign.  Asshole characters typically take up far more play time than their rightful share, and often irritate the other players to the point of murder.

RPG a Day: Day 24

What is the game that you are most likely to give to others?

Image result for Fate Accelerated

Inexpensive.  Simple.  Versatile.

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RPG a Day: Day 23

Share your best “worst luck” stories.

Back in the day – way back in the day – we played D&D.  We had just discovered Dave Hargrave’s Arduin and decided to give the critical hit and fumble tables a try.  They worked OK for awhile, but of course stochastic events  eventually caught up with us.

GM (me):  “You enter the room.  There is an old fountain there, from which emerge four GIANT TOADS!”

Player 1:  “I draw my sword and hit one!”  (rolls)  “Oh no, a ‘1’!”

GM (rolls on chart):  “You fumble your swing and hit yourself in the head, giving yourself a skull fracture.  You’re out.”

Player 2:  “I fire an arrow at one of the toads!  (rolls).  “Another ‘1’!”

GM (rolls on chart):  “You miss and accidentally hit another character” (rolls)  “Player 1, you get hit for 6 points of damage!”

Player 1:  “I’m dead.”

GM:  “The toads attack…  miss, miss, miss, critical! ” (rolls):  “Player 2, the toad ruptures an artery with its tongue.  You die in…” (rolls) “one round.”

Player 2:  “Fuck!”

Player 3:  “I cast lightning bolt!”  (rolls) “Another ‘1’!”

Player 4:  “We’re screwed.”

GM:  (rolls on chart):  “The spell goes wild, hitting everyone in range for 1d20 damage.  You’re all in range.  You take 18 damage each.”

Player 3:  “Dead.”

Player 4:  “Dead.”

GM:  “Guys, lets not use the critical hit and fumble tables anymore.”

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RPG a Day: Day 22

Supposedly random events that keep recurring in your game?

Once again I turn to our Night Witches campaign.

Throughout the whole of the campaign, our missions were almost always flawless – we hit the target every time, did damage to it every time, and mostly came home in one piece with few injuries or lost aircraft.

On the other hand, our daytime hi-jinx were generally disastrous.  Snake eyes were common and failure almost always accompanied our every effort.  We weren’t any worse at daytime stuff than we were at nighttime stuff, but all our good rolls came up on the missions, and all our bad rolls came up on the daylight activities.  Our unit suffered more harm from us trying to acquire supplies and spare parts than it ever did from the Hitlerites.

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RPG a Day: Day 21

Funniest misinterpretation of a rule by your group?

I don’t know if this constitutes a misinterpretation of the rules, but it certainly constitutes a lapse in attention by the GM.  And it’s funny.

We were playing Blue Planet, 2nd ed.  My character was Bob, a beluga whale.  In Blue Planet cetaceans like Bob interacted with dry land situations via remotes – vehicles that were linked to the user via computer interface.  At character creation I had duly used the rules to construct a few remotes for my character – one for observation, one for stealth intrusion, and one for combat.  The combat drone had an automatic shotgun mounted in a turret.  I passed the information to the GM, who glanced at it and told me they were fine.

One of the other characters got kidnapped by the Poseidon mafia equivalent, and Bob sent the combat remote to rescue him.  Since the combat remote had speakers and such on it, I figured that I would be negotiating, but my other remotes were fragile, expensive, and unarmed and I didn’t want them shot to pieces and me left with a big bill and wrecked remotes.

The remote got to the building where the character was being held, and I contacted the mafia guys to negotiate.

They told me to come into the building and take the elevator to the top floor.

I thought to myself “Man, these guys are confident.  I mean, the GM looked at my combat remote, and he knows that there is an automatic shotgun on the top.  I told him that I was taking my combat remote, not one of the other ones.  These guys must be loaded for bear.”

So in the remote went and up the elevator to the top floor.  It wasn’t jammed or disabled, and nobody took a crowbar to the shotgun turret.  At the top floor, I received instructions to go down the hall to a specific room number.  Which I did, still expecting trouble or threats, or something.

Once in front of the appropriate door, it was opened from the inside and I was ordered to enter.  The GM told me that inside the room there were three no-neck thugs with heavy pistols guarding the kidnapped character, who was tied to a chair.

Before they could even make threats, I opened up with my automatic shotgun and sprayed them all over the walls (and yes, I hit my companion too, but I wasn’t worried – he was built like a battleship and had subcutaneous armor or something – besides, Player Characters are always tougher than mooks – it’s one of the rules of gaming, amiright?).

The GM was incredulous, and initially resistant, but to his credit after reviewing the remote I had submitted and admitting to not having looked at it carefully, accepted responsibility for letting a heavily armed remote into a room full of mooks, and let the action stand.  Needless to say we were now in more trouble with the Poseidon mafia, but that was OK.

As a bonus, I should mention that the Blue Planet rules also allow cetaceans to do two things at once, due to the more autonomous nature of the two lobes of their brains.  So while all this was happening, Bob was hanging out in a cetacean bar having sex play with a dolphin.

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