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RPG a Day: Day 23

Share your best “worst luck” stories.

Back in the day – way back in the day – we played D&D.  We had just discovered Dave Hargrave’s Arduin and decided to give the critical hit and fumble tables a try.  They worked OK for awhile, but of course stochastic events  eventually caught up with us.

GM (me):  “You enter the room.  There is an old fountain there, from which emerge four GIANT TOADS!”

Player 1:  “I draw my sword and hit one!”  (rolls)  “Oh no, a ‘1’!”

GM (rolls on chart):  “You fumble your swing and hit yourself in the head, giving yourself a skull fracture.  You’re out.”

Player 2:  “I fire an arrow at one of the toads!  (rolls).  “Another ‘1’!”

GM (rolls on chart):  “You miss and accidentally hit another character” (rolls)  “Player 1, you get hit for 6 points of damage!”

Player 1:  “I’m dead.”

GM:  “The toads attack…  miss, miss, miss, critical! ” (rolls):  “Player 2, the toad ruptures an artery with its tongue.  You die in…” (rolls) “one round.”

Player 2:  “Fuck!”

Player 3:  “I cast lightning bolt!”  (rolls) “Another ‘1’!”

Player 4:  “We’re screwed.”

GM:  (rolls on chart):  “The spell goes wild, hitting everyone in range for 1d20 damage.  You’re all in range.  You take 18 damage each.”

Player 3:  “Dead.”

Player 4:  “Dead.”

GM:  “Guys, lets not use the critical hit and fumble tables anymore.”

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