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League of Extraordinary Felines

These are the characters for my upcoming “League of Extraordinary Felines” game at Big Bad Con.  Once I have the character sheets done (hopefully in a day or two) I’ll append them, but for now here are the thumbnails of the characters.


Name:  Lady White Heather (p. 1, p. 2)

Breed:  White Angora

Inspired by:  real cat!

Lady White Heather is Queen Victoria’s cat, and the leader of the League of Extraordinary Felines.  She is the cat who saw the need for cats to defend the realm, and she personally traveled the world to recruit each and every member.



Name:  Hisoka (“Secret”) (p. 1, p. 2)

Breed:  Bakeneko

Inspired by:  Japanese folklore

Hisoka is one of the mysterious cat spirits from Japan.  She is the team’s stealth and infiltration expert, able to vanish, move quickly and silently, and strike from shadows.  They can also transform temporarily into a demon form, though this is not without risk.


Name:  Dinah (p. 1, p. 2)

Breed:  Cat Sith

Inspired by:  Alice’s pet kitten, and fairy lore

A perpetual kitten in appearance, Dinah is actually a fairy cat, able to use her glamour to change her appearance, read minds, hypnotize, and other amazing feats


Name:  Growltiger (p. 1, p. 2)

Breed:  Dock cat

Inspired by:  “Old Possum’s Guide to Practical Cats”

Growltiger is a brawler, pure and simple.  He has knowledge of the London underworld, and is always willing to take on all comers.  Generally doesn’t like anyone, but has a soft spot for Lady White Heather.



pluto-sepiaName:  Pluto (p. 1, p. 2)

Breed:  Domestic shorthair

Inspired by:  Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Black Cat”

Pluto is a master of the dark mystical arts, able to project his consciousness into astral space, fly, sense magic, and cast a variety of useful spells.  Such actions tire him however.



tabithaName:  Tabitha Twitchit (p. 1, p. 2)

Breed:  House cat

Inspired by:  Beatrix Potter

Tabitha doesn’t have amazing powers or mystical abilities like most of the members of the League, but she is very clever, highly skilled, and level-headed, which helps her deal with a variety of situations that others may find confusing or difficult.  She is also the only one who can deal with Victorian era technology.

ta-miu Name:  Ta Miu (p. 1, p. 2)

Breed:  Egyptian

Inspired by:  real cat (mummified with Crown Prince Thutmos)

Ta Miu is a mummy, given eternal life via a secret ceremony.  He is amazingly tough and resilient to harm, as well as being extraordinarily fast.

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