RPG a Day: Day 25

What makes for a good character?

Image result for Character drawing

  1. Parents.  Or at least some sort of  background connection to the world.  Orphaned loners – been there, done that, it doesn’t build an interesting campaign.
  2. A useful niche.  Every character should have something that they are better at than any other member of the group, and this should be something useful.  “Useful” is somewhat vague because all campaigns and characters are different, but generally speaking you will get more utility out of a character who is the best private investigator on Babylon 5 than a character who is the best pastry chef on Babylon 5.
  3. An ability to support other characters.  This doesn’t mean that you need to be a full-blown support character, but sometimes other characters will have the limelight, and the best thing your character can do is help them make the best of that.
  4. Created by you.  Pregens are useful in a lot of situations, but they don’t take the place of a character that you create yourself.
  5. Not an asshole.  The main reason that characters are assholes is that they are being played by assholes, but sometimes you do get a perfectly well-meaning player who just doesn’t understand why their superhero modeled on Archie Bunker doesn’t work well in your pan-African near future campaign.  Asshole characters typically take up far more play time than their rightful share, and often irritate the other players to the point of murder.

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