RPG a Day: Day 21

Funniest misinterpretation of a rule by your group?

I don’t know if this constitutes a misinterpretation of the rules, but it certainly constitutes a lapse in attention by the GM.  And it’s funny.

We were playing Blue Planet, 2nd ed.  My character was Bob, a beluga whale.  In Blue Planet cetaceans like Bob interacted with dry land situations via remotes – vehicles that were linked to the user via computer interface.  At character creation I had duly used the rules to construct a few remotes for my character – one for observation, one for stealth intrusion, and one for combat.  The combat drone had an automatic shotgun mounted in a turret.  I passed the information to the GM, who glanced at it and told me they were fine.

One of the other characters got kidnapped by the Poseidon mafia equivalent, and Bob sent the combat remote to rescue him.  Since the combat remote had speakers and such on it, I figured that I would be negotiating, but my other remotes were fragile, expensive, and unarmed and I didn’t want them shot to pieces and me left with a big bill and wrecked remotes.

The remote got to the building where the character was being held, and I contacted the mafia guys to negotiate.

They told me to come into the building and take the elevator to the top floor.

I thought to myself “Man, these guys are confident.  I mean, the GM looked at my combat remote, and he knows that there is an automatic shotgun on the top.  I told him that I was taking my combat remote, not one of the other ones.  These guys must be loaded for bear.”

So in the remote went and up the elevator to the top floor.  It wasn’t jammed or disabled, and nobody took a crowbar to the shotgun turret.  At the top floor, I received instructions to go down the hall to a specific room number.  Which I did, still expecting trouble or threats, or something.

Once in front of the appropriate door, it was opened from the inside and I was ordered to enter.  The GM told me that inside the room there were three no-neck thugs with heavy pistols guarding the kidnapped character, who was tied to a chair.

Before they could even make threats, I opened up with my automatic shotgun and sprayed them all over the walls (and yes, I hit my companion too, but I wasn’t worried – he was built like a battleship and had subcutaneous armor or something – besides, Player Characters are always tougher than mooks – it’s one of the rules of gaming, amiright?).

The GM was incredulous, and initially resistant, but to his credit after reviewing the remote I had submitted and admitting to not having looked at it carefully, accepted responsibility for letting a heavily armed remote into a room full of mooks, and let the action stand.  Needless to say we were now in more trouble with the Poseidon mafia, but that was OK.

As a bonus, I should mention that the Blue Planet rules also allow cetaceans to do two things at once, due to the more autonomous nature of the two lobes of their brains.  So while all this was happening, Bob was hanging out in a cetacean bar having sex play with a dolphin.

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