RPG a Day: Day 18

What innovation would RPG groups benefit most from?

A decent indexing system for rules.

Yes, I know that doesn’t seem like it would be much of an innovation – indexes have been around since Roman times, and alphabetized indexes by subject have been around since the 18th century.  But indexing is trickier than you might think, and far too large a percentage of RPGs either a) have indexes that are near useless, or b) for some reason think that an insanely comprehensive table of contents can take the place of a good index.


One thought on “RPG a Day: Day 18

  1. markwalt says:

    The new Player’s Handbook for 5e, which is overall a great book, has an index issue. Often one indexed item will refer you to another. So, instead of giving you a page number to look something up, you have to search the index for something else, and then get the page number.

    It’s a minor gripe, but really, the first indexed item should just refer you to a page number.

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