RPG a Day: Day 4

Don’t let those sad eyes fool you!

Most impressive thing another’s character did?

We were playing “Savage Seuss” (a game in which we all played Dr Seuss characters enlisted by the Lorax to become ecoterrorists against the evil Once-lers.  I should note in passing that this game concept, developed by my friend Mark, really deserves to be fully fleshed out and distributed to the world).  I was playing a Star-bellied Sneetch with a “snubulous popper” (a shotgun) and I thought I was pretty badass.

I was not pretty badass.

That honor went to Cindy Lou-Who, she who wielded the giant Christmas ornament  In the time it would take me to fire off my snubulous popper and reload, Cindy Lou-Who could bludgeon half-dozen Once-ler mooks to death with the help of her “sweep” maneuver.  Her gigantic Christmas tree ornament did way more damage than my measly popper, and she quickly became the bane of Once-ler existence, slaughtering all who stood against her, thought about standing against her, or were just a little too slow to run, with merriment, childlike innocence, and bloodthirsty glee.

Everyone at the table was in awe of her murderous rampage.  Her body count had to be approximately equal to that of the entire rest of the party combined.

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2 thoughts on “RPG a Day: Day 4

  1. kedamono says:

    She was like unto a god in a cute widdle onesie!

  2. markwalt says:

    Honorable mention should go to Sam-I-Am, who we referred to as “Son of Sam-I-Am” because of her murderous rampage. Sam was pretty potent with the “glove on the end of a fishing rod” gadget (I forget what it was called).

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