RPG a Day: Day 3

Character moment you are proudest of?

A couple come to mind:

A long time ago I was playing Champions at a local convention.  We all picked our pregen characters and the GM asked who was going to be the superteam leader.  I had never been a leader in an RPG group before (mostly I GMed), but after a moment’s silence around the table I decided to give it a try.  I did a really good job – everyone had a job and a combat buddy they worked with and we really cleaned up the adventure.  I felt very proud.

In a Changeling group I once gave an impromptu defense of Dr. Seuss children’s books to an evil NPC that was so moving that I got a round of applause from all the players.

In our long-running “Legend of the Five Rings” game my character Shosuro Kando, a Scorpion butai, once slew a gigantic oni from the inside in a technique forever after known as the “oni waterslide”.

In the same campaign I once stood with some Crab allies to fight against Shadow tainted forces while allowing others to escape, even taking a shot that damned near killed me to protect the Crab heir.


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