RPG A Day: Day 2

Best RPG Session Since August 2015?


Night Witches.  One of the characters fell in love with a German prisoner.  At first it was kind of cute, and then it got a little wacky as we tried to keep the prisoner out of the hands of the NKVD and the local commissariat, and generally figure out what to do with him so he wouldn’t be shipped off beyond the Urals to die in some horrible work camp.  There were some shell games and some misdirection and some confrontations and intimidation and running around and shenanigans.

But in the end it didn’t work.  In the end there were too many NKVD and commissars and army officers and not enough of us.  The whole thing wound up with the two of them in a barn after a botched escape attempt with the NKVD closing in.

So she shot him.

The entire paradigm of the game changed in that one instant.  It was powerful and breathtaking and devastating and heartbreaking.  One character wound up dragging the NKVD officer responsible out to the same barn and shooting him.  One character died in a crash soon thereafter, and the incident was on her lips as her last words – “If we have to murder the ones we love, what is the point of this war?”  Everyone at the table was moved by that single moment.  I don’t think I’ll ever forget it.

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2 thoughts on “RPG A Day: Day 2

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