RPG A Day: Day 1

Real dice, dice app, diceless,  how do you prefer to “roll”?

When I have to use a randomizer in a game for some reason, I prefer to use real dice.  Its old school.  I don’t like systems that are entirely diceless because I have a strong feeling that there ought to be some randomness in a game, just as there is in real life.

That said, I think the best roleplaying is done when the dice stay largely on the table, acting as sort of a “cut up machine” to help produce interesting and creative results that players might not otherwise have thought of.

I used to like using dice apps for online games because I wanted verification that the players were being honest.  I had a couple of bad experiences with cheating and had a paranoia about it for awhile, especially in online games where I couldn’t otherwise “see” the results.  Now, however, I let players roll however they want to roll in online games.  If they are going to cheat, they are dicks.  I don’t generally game with dicks, I game with friends – and I trust my friends.


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