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Makara – Sea Monsters

Makara are aquatic monsters of the Land of 10,000 Gods.  Rather than being a specific creature, they are a general category of creature, and display a variety of characteristics.

Makara have the hind parts of a fish or eel, and the foreparts of an animal – tigers, rams, wolves, and occasionally other creatures.  A typical example:

Shachihoko (Japanese)

Original by Laverna Brock



Makara  (tiger)                                                        Group, Stealthy, Aquatic

Claws and bite (2d6)+2 damage*

Hand, Close

HP   7               3 Armor

Instinct – attack by surprise

  • Pull prey into the water
  • Flee when injured (4 HP)

*2d6+4 against foes in the water

Wolves reduce damage to 2d6 (+2 against targets in water) and add the “organized” tag.  Rams are usually “solitary”.

MakaraA special case is the haatheemakara, or “elephant sea monster”.  This creature has the body of a fish and the head of an elephant.  Unlike other makara, the haatheemakara is intelligent and can be communicated with.  Though aggressive in defense, they are seldom actively hostile.  They are typically found guarding sunken temples or other areas of particular interest to one or more gods.  Though listed as “solitary” this is only true when guarding a location.  If the area they are set to guard is desecrated, they may gather in groups of up to half a dozen to pursue the offender.

It is rumored that they can transform themselves into gigantic elephants the size of houses to pursue interlopers on land, but this is not confirmed.

Haatheemakara  (Elephant Sea Monster)                                                         Solitary, Huge, Intelligent (Priest), Devious, Hoarder

24 HP          4 Armor


Hand, Close, Reach

Instinct:  protect (temple/holy site/etc.)

  • Pass judgement on a person
  • Smite with divine wrath
  • Converse
  • Seek vengeance
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