Big Bad Con: Day 3

Game #4:  GoD Duty

This year I signed up for two tours of GoD (Games on Demand) duty at Big Bad Con, but only got one slot.  Which was sad in a way – I wanted to run two slots obviously – but great because a) the time I wasn’t running was the time I went to feed the cats, and b) it allowed me to focus more.  There was, however, a bit of confusion regarding which games I was offering for GoD duty.  Initially my two GoD duty submissions were:

  1. Motobushido or Omegazone
  2. Motobushido or Gaian Reach

When I was told I only had one slot, I went for Motobushido/Omegazone because Omegazone was easier for me to prep for than Gaian Reach.  Unfortunately, due to a miscommunication, Sean Nittner never got the word of which of the two I had chosen, so he printed up two GoD announcements for me.  I, of course, had left Gaian Reach at home, despite my desire to run it, because I couldn’t think of a time when it would be possible.  So when my first two players sat down at the table, guess what they wanted to play?


But that was OK – they were good players and part of the tribe, so they understood when I explained, and decided that they would play Omegazone instead.

Game:  Omegazone

System:  FATE Accelerated

GM:  Edmund Metheny

One of the nice things about Omega Zone is that character creation is quick and easy – deal a few cards, write down a few stunts, and you’re done!  This makes it a perfect game for GoD duty.  Our game centered around two denizens of the Omegazone being hired by the Guardians of the Reach to transport a recently salvaged Kreenian power source down the 405 in a heavily armored post-apocalypse style truck (formerly from Al’s Premium Meats).  The Guardians could not perform the task themselves because they had their hands full dealing with an incursion of psychic floating heads.*  It was pretty much a plot on rails – guardrails in this case – but still fun.  The party battled Kreen, cannibal bikers, goblin cultists of the Burger King, and Big Tony’s ape men.  The players were nice and the game was fun, but really there wasn’t much to tell about it.  I had a good time.  I hope they did too.

Registration and Takedown

Starting at 2:00 pm I had duty at the registration desk.  This is every bit the thrilling adventure that you would expect on the last day of the convention.  Mostly it was answering questions about where to get parking validated and making sure no one ran off with the cash box.  Sophie was running another FATE of Agaptus game, but to tell the truth I didn’t mind missing it.  I felt like I owed the convention some hours after my rather poor showing at setup, so I was pleased to be able to help out.  Starting at 4:00 I worked on takedown, packing up boxes and lugging things around and shoving them into cars and such.  Every once in awhile I swung by Sophie’s game, and they all seemed to be having a good time, but mostly I said goodbye to people and helped pack the convention away until next year.  Once Sophie’s game ended at a little after 7:00 pm, we said our last goodbyes and headed home.

General Impressions

Big Bad Con is the best.  You should go to it.

There are other conventions that are bigger, there are other conventions that do more.  If you want to do miniatures gaming this isn’t the convention for you.  But for pure, unadulterated, full-bore roleplaying there is no convention I have attended that can match it.  Not even close.  The amount of talent enclosed in a small space – both GMs and players – is awe inspiring.  You WILL have a good time if you come to this convention to roleplay.

Except for the unfortunate and entirely self-inflicted illness on Friday, I was very happy with my level of participation at the convention this year.  I would have liked to run one more Games on Demand session, but I think it is great that it filled up.  My Motobushido game was a bit hindered by my being under the weather, and I didn’t think my GoD game quite came up to the high standards of BBC, but my Juggernaut and Free Hunters games were things of beauty and I am quite proud to have been part of them.  Registration and takedown both gave me an opportunity to see parts of the convention that I hadn’t seen before, and playtesting for the Big Bad GM was interesting (and made me a bit wistful that I couldn’t attend the actual event – but feline chronic pancreatitis just isn’t one of those things you can ignore if you actually like your cat).

A big “Thank You” to all members of the Big Bad Con staff for doing a fantastic job again this year!



*One of the players had been in a previous Omegazone game in which I had used the psychic floating heads to showcase the downright weirdness of the Omegazone, so I riffed off the previous game.


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