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MOTOBUSHIDO – “Fury Road” House Rules

We saw “Fury Road” this weekend, and of course I spent a good portion of the movie trying to figure out how to run various scenes as part of a Motobushido game.  I came up with the somewhat humorous rules below during the climactic fight scene.

For a real, gonzo, post-apocalyptic feel to your Motobushido game, every Duel not exclusively within your Pack must start at level 2 (threats of immediate violence).  Want gas?  Threaten violence.  Want safe passage?  Threaten violence.  Want a candy bar?  Threaten violence.  Need to stop the vehicle for 5 minutes while you go behind a dead, parched, tree for a piss?  THREATEN VIOLENCE!

“I need to take a leak!”

One of the immediate indications that one has been adopted into a Pack is that Pack members stop pointing weapons at you and threatening to kill you for the slightest reason.  Shinmai, of course, are not full members of the Pack, and so can expect to receive rather brutal treatment until they are fully accepted.

“Found a new Shinmai!  He’s really excited!”

Against established antagonists to your Pack, such as government authorities, enemy Packs, and random animals that might be used for food, it is perfectly acceptable to start a duel at Stage 3 – in fact it is generally considered poor etiquette to do otherwise, unless you can manage to use Stage 2 for some sort of stirring, post-apocalyptic speech.  (This only counts if you manage to work in a) that the world really sucks and b) that you are the only person/Pack that can save whatever it is that needs saving).

Duel instigation, Stage 2

Duel instigation:  Stage 3

Since automobiles and rigs are a big part of the “Mad Max” universe, your Pack may look and handle a bit differently than in a standard Motobushido game.  If you want to create a Party Rig, just let players select their cycles as normal, but the various cards for stunting substitution form a pool.  When the rig is in a duel, whoever is driving the rig can draw on the cards of all the other player characters in the rig.  Any player characters not in the rig are assumed to be a) leaping from vehicle to vehicle and doing their own thing, b) on their bike, doing their own thing.

“Anyone seen Max?”

“Well crap…”

Also, since duels generally take place against the background of a hideous, post-apocalyptic wasteland, be sure to change the terrain during the duel without warning.  Throwing in terrain that vehicles don’t have a rating for is perfectly legit.

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When all else fails, try Badass.


Just a couple of photos

Since I convinced my friend Steve to play a small game of Warhammer 40K with me a few days ago, I have had a yen to repaint the armies involved – Orks and Chaos Space Marines.

While everything is still in process, I thought I would share a couple of photos.  Right now I am at the shading stage an haven’t started on the highlights yet.

CHAOS 1500(1)

Ork Battlewagon (1)

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