Motobushido at Endgame!

I’m going to be running Motobushido at Endgame to celebrate the reboot of Road Warrior on the 16th of May and I am very excited!  Here’s my blurb.

The Chrysanthemum an the Carburetor


A new ruler has risen in the land, vowing to destroy the motobushi forever. Skirmishes occurred throughout the Spring, and in high summer your pack suffered defeat at the Battle of Little Town. Now it is autumn, and your much diminished pack, along with remnants of other motobushi packs – including your hated rivals the War Pigs – have been driven North into the mountains. A meeting of the packs has been called at Three Peaks caverns, and you have been sent as your pack’s representatives. The survival of your pack, and perhaps the Motobushi tradition, is in your hands.

For this second Motobushido game I am going to do a few things differently than in my previous one.

  • I’m going to run the First Founding this time.  Last time I skipped it due to concern over time constraints, but I discovered when I ran that I certainly could have fitted it in had I wanted to.  I think it is a good way for players to learn the system, so I am going to use it this time.
  • Characters aren’t going to be 1st Rank.  For campaign games that’s great, but for one-shots the 1st Rank powers are not the most interesting and don’t necessarily highlight each class to it’s best effect.  At the moment I am considering exactly how many advances I want to give each character, but it will be somewhere around 6 spit up various ways between Pack, Sword, and Highway.
  • I’m going to come up with some different questions to ask at the beginning.  I’ll put them on cards and ask players to draw them randomly.  If I have time I will put two questions on each card and let the drawing player choose one to ask (I got that idea from “The Quiet Year”)

I am also going to beg my long-suffering wife to take a few minutes to make a map for me of Three Peaks Caverns

Once again I am very excited to be running this innovative and evocative little game.

Motobushi, start your engines!

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