Night Witches – more work on the Po-2s

Here are some photos of the Po-2s I have been working on for Night Witches.  I have them pretty well painted now, and have put the Zvezda red star decals on them.


Upper left: Squadron air ambulance. Upper right: Section leader aircraft with tail markings

IMGP0120A few things to note about the models – first of all, the size of the decals that Svezda makes for these models seems to be of the wrong scale.  You cannot fit more than a single digit number on the tail.  I opted instead to put red stars on the tails and not the fuselage because a) I wanted to save the fuselage area for detailing when an aircraft gets a personality, and b) the red star is also rather large, and it wouldn’t fit nicely on the fuselage unless I put it right behind the navigator’s cockpit, which looked too far forward.

Second, note the lack of machineguns.  I’ll cover this more in another post, but the machinegun part is extremely tiny and fragile, and I was largely unsuccessful at getting them in the tiny holes provided.  Eventually I am going to epoxy them on.  But first –


Tiny little pilots!

The Zvezda models do not come with pilots or navigators, but I ordered some 1/144 scale heads and torsos.  They’re hard to paint well, but I have enough of them that I just took a quick shot at each, figuring that some of them will come out well.  I HIGHLY recommend that if you want to put pilots and navigators in your Po-2s you do it BEFORE you put the upper wing on.

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