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Night Witches – preparing the squadron


Progress on painting up the Po-2s for Night Witches.

Night Witches

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Night Witches – Characters

The Characters

MaryamJr. Lt. Maryam Bakradze

Playbook:  Pidgeon

Current Role:  Leader

Uniform:  regulation

Body:  small

Hands:  frail

Home Town: Novosibirsk

Writes to:  the Yeleshev twins

Skill:  0

Guts:  0

Luck:  0

Regard:  none


Sgt. Valentina Malinovskaya

Playbook:  Raven

Current Role:  Protector

Gender:  Female

Uniform:  Flyer’s

Body:  Angular

Face:  Handsome

Home Town:  Moscow

Writes to:  Boris Mednikov

Skill:  +1

Guts:  -1

Luck:  +2

Regard –

Trust Oksana Boykova


Sgt. Svetlana “Sveta” Demidova

Playbook:  Sparrow

Role:  Misanthrope

Gender:  Female

Uniform: Ill-fitting

Body:  Willowy

Eyes:  Cold

Hometown:  Verkhoyansk

Writes to:  no one

Skill:  0

Guts:  -1

Luck:  +2

Regard –

Hate Valentina Malinovskaya

OksanaSgt Oksana Boykova

Playbook:  Hawk

Current Role:  Dreamer

Gender:  Female

Uniform:  Regulation

Body:  Lanky

Eyes:  Calm

Home Town:  Collective Farm #505 (Ukraine)

Writes to:  son, Maksim

Skill:  0

Guts:  0

Luck:  +1

Regard –

Respect Elena Teremova

Admire Valentina Malinovskaya

3370428271_1c71252f86Sgt. Elena Teremova

Playbook:  Owl

Current Role:  Adventurer

Gender:  Female

Uniform:  tattered

Body:  small

Face:  Serious

Hometown:  Vladivostok

Writes to:  Dr. Burov

Skill:  +2

Guts:  0

Luck:  -1

Regard –

Resents Valentina Malinovskaya

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