Big Bad Con 2014 – the short form

I got 28 hours of gaming out of this year’s Big Bad Con.  I’ll discuss it more later but here is the brief rundown –


Friday afternoon – ran Puppetland and Fiasco.  Puppetland was hilarious and Fiasco was, well, Fiasco (we used “Dragonslayers”)

Friday evening – ram Everway.  Great players, fun game.

Saturday morning – ran Omega Zone.  Hilarity ensued.

Saturday afternoon – played in Sophie’s game of Tien Xia.  Kicked ass.

Saturday evening – ran Bulldogs.  Laughed so hard my sides ached.

Sunday morning – played in Sophie’s Firefly game as Mal.  Did Captainy stuff.

Sunday evening – ran Cat for Fate Accelerated.  Rodents suffered.

All in all – ran 20 hours of games, and played in 8.  I know of no other convention where you can pack that much gaming into so short a period.

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2 thoughts on “Big Bad Con 2014 – the short form

  1. Erik says:

    Glad you had a good time. I was just talking with a friend of mine who had looked at Big Bad Con and decided that his other plans were more interesting. The one game that intrigued him enough to mention was that someone was running FATE accelerated where all the characters were cats.

    • Edmund Metheny says:

      That game was oodles of fun. Cats are such bastards though. Although for the first time in my experience, when the cats captured a mouse to interrogate they let it go afterwards.

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