My new Pathfinder character

“They don’t advertise for killers in the Pathfinder Society Bulletin*. That was my profession.”

-Rikk Drekhard, Construct Hunter


As you know, I had a horrible experience at the Pathfinder special event at Pacificon.  One of the reasons for this was that the big upcoming “things” for this year’s Pathfinder (“the Year of the Sky Key”) plot lines is Constructs.

Constructs have Hardness, which reduces or negates damage against them.  They are also immune to illusions.

This makes them a gnome’s worst nightmare.  With low Strength they will have difficulty doing enough damage to overcome Hardness, and most of their natural abilities (and spell affinities) are illusion-based.

The Gnome community is in for a hard year.

But I have come up with a new hero who will rise to the challenge and defend the gnomish community against the scourge of constructs.

Rikk Drekhard – Gnome Ranger Construct-Hunter

ABILITIES        FEATS                                                            FAVORED FOE

STR:  10             Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Firearms)          Constructs

DEX:  16

CON:  14            TRAITS

INT:  14              Imposing Scion

WIS:  12             Never Stop Shooting

CHA:  11


*Oh wait, yes they do.  All the time.  In fact, pretty much nothing BUT killers.  I was thinking of stuff out of that new supplement “Knitting Patterns of Golarian”, on sale now for only $39.99.  It has those cool new rules for allowing vorpal knitting needles for level 1 characters.  A must-have!


3 thoughts on “My new Pathfinder character

  1. markwalt says:

    Stats? Don’t leave me hanging here.

  2. Edmund Metheny says:

    The secret to this character is playing through at least three PFS events with pregens. That way, you can skip level 1 where the character is completely nerfed because it can’t actually afford to purchase a gun yet.

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