BIG BAD CON 2013, DAY 3: GoD Duty

Once again, not in bed until 2:00, up at 7:30.  I was feeling bad about Apocalypse Pony, tired, and not at all confident about the day, which started off for me with Games on Demand duty.

Wisely or fortuitously, I had chosen as my selections for GoD Duty “Fiasco: 40K”  (a Fiasco playset of my own design) and “Do:  Pilgrims of the Flying Temple”  Both of these are low prep, GM optional games.

These two games really saved the convention for me.

I got to play in the “Fiasco:  40k” game for the first time around, and I had an absolute blast!  I played a Servitor (named, appropriately, “Servitor” but formerly Fraggo, who along with another character had been part of a rival inquisitor’s entourage).  I had a reliquary built into my chassis/torso which supposedly contained a holy relic.  Unfortunately for me it turned out to contain some Eldar wraithbone instead – an important prize to be recovered by two of the other characters, who were Eldar cultists.  I was eventually led to a dark corridor of the Tricorn and bludgeoned, then dragged into a storage closet and bludgeoned some more and left for dead.

Things didn’t turn out well for anyone really.  They seldom do in Fiasco.  The best success was the guy who bludgeoned me – who wound up a Servitor, washing windows.

Best line of the game “Hey!  I wonder why someone left this entire satchel full of grenades in this storage room full of stuff that is broken or malfunctioning?”

Sheer brilliance.

None of us could stop laughing during the game.  That’s what Fiasco does to you.

For the second game, Do, Pilgrims of the Flying Temple” I decided to step back and just GM for the four players who were attending.  I have the story somewhere and I need to clean it up and post it, but for now let me just say that Do is a great game for Sunday at a convention – it’s low key, low prep, low stress and fun – a story telling game at its heart, with just enough mechanics to let things flow.

Previously, all the Do games I have played have had children in them, and have used letters with few goal words.  This time I picked a letter with a moderate number of goal words and more mature themes.  It was quite interesting watching how a group composed entirely of adults took to the game.  Adults seem much more into the “style” of the writing, and tend to construct compound sentences (which can sometimes cause the game to drag a bit because they take so long to write) whereas kids are all about a) simple, direct sentences with few commas and b) the flying – kids just love the flying part.

The Do game ran a little bit long, and didn’t quite finish until 2:30, which gave me only half an hour to get to my final game of the convention….

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3 thoughts on “BIG BAD CON 2013, DAY 3: GoD Duty

  1. […] Fiasco: 40K: All four of us were Warhammer 40,000 fans so we had a blast (heheheh, blast…) creating the fiction.  Two secret Eldar cultists, Brother Zealot and Brother Rhakum, the latter vying for a promotion with Technopriest and unsanctioned psyker Electrolux, who in turn had a demoted acolyte for a Servitor, in which was inset a reliquary containing the Bones of the Blessed First One which really turned out to be wraithbone coveted by Brother Zealot.   And an unlimited supply of (defective) frag grenades…  [Edmund's recap] […]

  2. Do was lovely, but Fiasco 40K was insanely fun. Thank you to Brian (Brother Rhakum), Laurence (Brother Zealot/Pilgrim Prismatic Wall), Edmund (Servitor/Fraggo/Facilitator), Matteo (Pilgrim HaAll), and Julie (Pilgrim Emma Fluffy)

  3. […] by the way, here are some of his notes from recent games at Good Omens mini-con and Big Bad Con, plus his most recent […]

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