BIG BAD CON 2013, DAY 2: Colony Wars

So as mentioned, I was feeling a little bit low when I hit my last game of the evening – a game in a system I knew nothing about.

“Colony Wars” is a setting for “Hillfolk”  You are all authorities of some faction on an asteroid colony way out on the far side of the asteroid belt, vying for power.

“Hillfolk” is one of those token economy games.  Similar in some ways to “Burning Empires” with its scenes of various type, everything gets resolved by spending tokens or flipping cards.

I didn’t pay as much attention to the game as maybe I should have – as I mentioned I was feeling kind of crappy because of the whole “My Little Pony” thing and that distracted me – but I largely found the mysteries of the “Hillfolk” game system to be completely opaque to me, despite the fact that a lot of the system seemed to boil down to “Decide which character you want to have an interaction with, ask them for something you want, and then see if you can talk them into giving it to you.  If you can, they get a mysterious chip.  If you can’t, you get a mysterious chip.  Then later you can spend that chip to do something or other.”

Despite some confusion about the rules, things went pretty smoothly, and we managed a couple of go-arounds of the table, negotiating and cajoling.  Everyone seemed to have a good time, and I did too notwithstanding my still being haunted by the Pony game.  I DID, however, find the game to be somewhat overcomplicated.  It often felt to me as if you were more constrained by the game system than is normal, and I could never quite figure out what all the complexity of the chip economy system got you that couldn’t be done functionally as well with a system less constrained.

I played “Swash” Gutierrez, a representative of the Immigrant population on the asteroid.  I decided that I want to play him as something like Sawyer from “Lost” – the con man who always pushes his con just a little too far.  I was currently a major player in the immigrant community primarily because I had talked myself up big during the journey from earth.  I got into it with the Trade Union boss, and tried to scam some money out of the head of Life Support, without much success, and got corporate security on my tail.  All in all, I wouldn’t say I came out of the game in a good position, but that’s Sawyer for you.

After the game, we staggered out to the car and went home, arriving at around 12:30.

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2 thoughts on “BIG BAD CON 2013, DAY 2: Colony Wars

  1. […] Ran +Emily Care Boss‘ “Colony Wars” series pitch for Robin Laws’ DramaSystem (from Hillfolk, Pelgrane Press), my first actual play contact with the system.  Had six amazing, creative, cooperative, forgiving players put up with my fumbling.  We created the pilot episode for a science fiction drama series on the outer edge of the Asteroid Belt where the main tensions were the unexplained loss of contact with another new colony under construction, and the unrest following a massive influx of immigrants headed for that colony and now stuck on Ithaca station.  [Edmund's recap] […]

  2. […] husband has posted some notes on his experience as a player, and I have summarized my impressions of the system elsewhere […]

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