BIG BAD CON 2013, Day 1: CAMELOT Trigger – Peril at the Gate”

After a one hour break following “An Excellent Vintage” I sat down to play in Sophie’s game of CAMELOT Trigger  Originally designed for FATE Core, Sophie had ported the game over to FATE Accelerated.  I was anxious to see how this would work under my theory that FAE is robust enough to handle even things like giant robot combat.

There were initially four players at the table, but we lost one of them around 45 minutes into the game, so after that there were three of us.  I played a ruthless Petty Titan in a rather cobbled together patchwork mech suit with aspriations to get noticed by Arthur and  no particular compunction about getting my hands dirty doing it.  My companions were a noble knight who had defeated me in combat and to whom under the traditions of the Petty Titans (though not necessarily according to her own traditions) I was now indentured to, and a fresh-faced aspirant to the ranks of the Templar Knights.

The game opened in media res with us blundering into an ambush and getting shot up by “bandits”.  This was a big fight, what appeared to be more like a climactic fight than a first scene fight, and we took our lumps for a couple of rounds until Sophie did one of those classic “Three days earlier” flashbacks.  This was, in my mind, absolutely SMASHING!  A very nice turnaround, surprising and completely effective.

From there we went on to spend our time visiting with a Petty Titan friend of my characters, engaging in some wrestling and running and jousting competitions in which we made few friends and many enemies.  In particular I set up a situation where I bet against myself in the wrestling competition and let word leak out, so that other unscrupulous characters would also bet against me.  I then proceeded to clean up in the wrestling competition – losing a bit of my own money in the process but causing all those unscrupulous, greedy bastards who had also bet against me to lose a whole lot more.

Eventually, we heard about a distress signal from a transport ship in trouble,   Of course, good little PCs that we were we went to investigate…  and found ourselves back in the middle of the ambush from scene 1!

I found the game to be very satisfying, and was able to put in some effective end-of-game conditions and moves that took out some of the bad guys.  It was a lot of fun, and I thought that the giant mech combat went well.

A few words about an incident that somewhat marred the game.  Our fourth player was very dissatisfied with the first 45 minutes and eventually walked out on the game, disgruntled.  He was reasonably polite about it, but criticised the game as being a) too slow, b) having very powerful opposition at the beginning.  Now I am all in favor of anyone wanting to walk out on a game doing so – if you are not having fun at a convention, go somewhere else and find some!  But I found the whole thing a bit ironic and sad for two reasons…  1) convention games are almost ALWAYS going to be slow at the beginning, particularly when you have players who don’t know the system well (as we did), and 2) (and the sadder of the two in my opinion) at the time when the player walked, his was the VERY LAST ACTION to be taken on the second round of combat, after which Sophie planned to have the awesome flashback.  So he literally walked out on the game JUST BEFORE THE COOL THING!  Now, in his defense, he was suffering from severe allergy attacks at the time – which were clearly making him unhappy.  But since I sat in on the game and experienced the coolness, I am particularly sad not only that one player missed out, but that he missed out by so narrow a margin.

Anyway – CAMELOT TRIGGER FAE – definitely would play it again.

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