BIG BAD CON 2013 – introduction

Before I go into Big Bad Con 2013, a few words about Big Bad Con in general:

  • Sean NIttner is an absolute genius.  Big Bad Con is, hands down, the best designed, best organized, and best run convention anywhere, anywhen, in the history of this solar system*
  • The combined system of a) online pre-registration, b) pre-planned Games on Demand, c) open gaming is a winner…  an absolute, positive, 100%, every-gaming-convention-should-do-it-and-any-who-don’t-are-heading-for-the-same-fate-as-the-dinosaurs type winner.
  • Individual rooms where possible for RPGs is awesome.  If your convention doesn’t even make an attempt to get RPGs into individual rooms, you suck.
  • Four words – “Coffee and donuts…  FREE!”
  • This convention takes feedback…  and listens.  Example – with one hour breaks between games, there is little time to go out and get food.  Solution:  negotiates with hotel to bring in food trucks.
  • It is extremely unlikely that you will have significant down time at this convention unless you want it.  At many conventions I typically feel that things are a success if I get into one game per day that I don’t hate.  At this year’s Big Bad Con I averaged 3 games a day, over three days, and had fun in all of them.  And I never even got as far as open gaming.
  • Endgame, the primary dealer and supporter of Big Bad Con, does an awesome job,  We needed a copy of FATE Core, and Sophie went in to get one just as the Dealer’s Room was closing.  Not only did they give her a copy, they allowed her to pay for it the next day!  That’s awesome!
  • The games, the players, and the GMs are all top notch.  This isn’t some freakish accident or karmic coincidence – Big Bad Con has made a strong effort to solicit the participation of top GMs and it shows in the quality of the games and the flat-out-blatant joy of the participants.
  • You should mark out a spot in your schedule to go to next year’s Big Bad Con.  Do it now.  No, I do not in any way care what else you might have vaguely considered doing a year from now – don’t kid yourself, you really haven’t actually PLANNED that far ahead and you should really, really GO TO BIG BAD CON!  It is three days of awesomeness that you WILL NOT REGRET.


*While I would like to go further, I confess that I have very little knowledge about the conventions run by life forms of first and second generation star systems, and do not want to unfairly inflate the reputation of Big Bad Con and therefor weaken my recommendation of its quality among the senior races of our galactic cluster.

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