BIG BAD CON 2013, DAY 2: Games on Demand – FATE ocTane

Randy’s monster truck.

We got home from Big Bad Con around 1:00 am, and got to bed around 2:00 am.  Up at 7:00 am and back at the con by 10:00 am in time for Sophie to do Games On Demand duty.  Initially she had two offerings – “The Muppet Show” in FATE or “Eternal Earthbound Pets” in ocTane.  Eventually, after some convoluted fiddly bits, we wound up doing “Eternal Earthbound Pets” (the better scenario for only 3 players) in FAE (which was the system that the players were more interested in learning.

The game as it evolved had me reprising my character of Randy Rhodes – a Knight of the Road with a monster truck – and his faithful, but hideous canine companion Walmart.  I was joined by the Grease Monkey (yes, a real monkey) named Harry Furnow, and a 12-year-old Masked Luchador named El Cachorro (“the Puppy”) who came with his own mariachi band.  We were employed by Eternal Earthbound Pets to rescue pets after the rapture.

Randy’s dog, Walmart

It was after the rapture and we set off as per contact to rescue a cow, a pig, a chicken, and a duck from a farm in Eastern Oregon.  All we knew was that the cow was diabetic, the pig was “shy” and the town was called “Twin Peaks”.

It was a rollicking adventure.  The townsfolk needed help against a band of cannibal raiders.  We weren’t much interested until we heard that they were currently moving into the area near the farm where the animals we needed to rescue were, and then we were hot on the job.  We found a horrible gang of thugs led by Mags Bennet from “Justified”, who were cleaning out the area, extorting food from the locals, and even eating children.  Well, this had to stop of course.  And after a big fight scene, it did.  Several brave mariachi musicians died in the battle, but the cow, the pig, the chicken, and the duck were all mostly rescued (the pig had one leg gone but Hank built a cyberleg for it and Randy promptly adopted it as “Target” the Cyboar.)

Best moment of the game – Randy had pinned one of the leaders of the cannibal bandits down with his truck and was negotiating with him.  I needed Fate Points and my Trouble was “Dudly Do-Right” so I allowed the bandit leader to persuade me that he would negotiate with him if only I backed off and let him up.  I did so, and got my Fate Point.  The bandit leader jumped up, yelled “All right boys!  Get….!” and was promptly run over by Harry Furnow in a Toyota Corolla that he had salvaged from a pile of old vehicles.  For me at least it was one of those priceless, “Man, I didn’t see that one coming…  but it was beautiful!” moments!

This game went really, really well.  Sophie put a lot of it together on the fly, which made it all the better.  the other players were fun and creative, the setting was a blast, and we kicked cannibal bandit ass!

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2 thoughts on “BIG BAD CON 2013, DAY 2: Games on Demand – FATE ocTane

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