“An Excellent Vintage” – Fate Accelerated

Here are the characters for my FAE game “An Excellent Vintage” – a pulp game set during WWI.  Note that the characters all have two Aspects and one Stunt available to fill in during play.


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3 thoughts on ““An Excellent Vintage” – Fate Accelerated

  1. We ended it in a ball of fiery self-sacrifice by blowing up our stolen dirigible rather than spreading the Kaiser’s evil plague through Europe and the world. It was beautiful.

  2. […] in my husband’s FAE in a WWI pulp adventure called “An Excellent Vintage.”  Coincidentally, all players were women, Edmund got all the chicks.  We ended up […]

  3. […] going to attend a pre-reg game, go and drop it so someone else can register!).  Of the characters, I found it interesting that the two who were NOT played were the ranking officer and the senior […]

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