Apocalypse World – Exodus. The Protags

The Protags

The HardholderJackson (played by Alan) – Jackson runs a Hardholding known as Deck 11.  It’s a trading and farming community centered around some still-functioning agricultural vats.  People come from the surrounding, uncontrolled portions of Ship to trade at Deck 11, which is known as a safe haven for folks to conduct business.  It is also known for the barely checked ferocity of its security forces, “The Hyenas”, whom Jackson has, with no little difficulty, been able to transform from a ravenous pack of bloodthirsty maniacs to a disciplined pack of bloodthirsty maniacs.

The AngelJay (played by Christine) – Jay runs the clinic on Deck 11, a valuable and lucrative enterprise in a world where medical care is a scarce commodity and situations where it is needed are not.  Jay’s motto is “always get paid” but often seems to wind up doing medical care for free despite that.  In addition to a large supply of chillstabs and medical supplies, Jay also possesses certain abilities that he/she does not understand, such as the ability to heal by touch…  sometimes.  Jay’s ability to do this is sporadic, and he/she claims to have “killed more people than I have healed this way.”  Jay knows Jackson from way back, and during the coup that put Jackson in charge of Deck 11 betrayed her by healing the former Hardholder, Jackson’s mother, and allowing her to escape.

The BattlebabeRaven (played by Sophie) – little is known about the mysterious and dangerous woman known as Raven.  Her past is largely a mystery, though it is rumored that she first met Jackson during her time as an exile and fugitive from Deck 11.  Aloof and secretive by nature, Raven tends to shun close attachments, looking ahead only as far as the next job,  She has only recently returned to Deck 11 after a protracted absence, and is now looking to sell her services as a warrior and bodyguard for hire.

Additionally, there are two other potential characters (but the players didn’t make it to the game)

The Saavy Head:  (played by Maureen)

And the mysterious stranger known only as “Steeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve” (played by Steve)

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  1. […] Over on his blog, Edmund posted the game summary from last night Apocalypse Word game.  He came up with this fantastic premise: a slower-than-light colony ship sent from Earth generations ago, where something went wrong.  He also posted some lingo, and short bios of the player characters. […]

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