Apocalypse World – Exodus

The multi-generation exploration/settlement vessel Exodus was originally constructed in the Oort cloud of the Solar System, around the  a nickel-iron/deuterium comet core approximately 20 km across.  Engines were build directly into the comet, which would serve both as the primary fuel tank and provide raw materials for hull repair and fabrication during the estimated 400 year journey.  A crew of 100,000 was selected. At any given time only a small fraction of these would exist in physical form, the rest stored as computer information in an electronic “dream time” virtual existence.

But something went wrong.  Exactly what, or when, or where nobody knows.

Now, generations later, nobody knows that they are on a ship, traveling at a significant portion of c through outer space.  Wars and struggle and decay and damage have reduced many parts of the vessel to only marginal habitability.  Ship’s systems have gone feral and unpredictable, and Ai, the closest thing anyone has to a deity, is  dead or insane or malevolent.

Apocalypse World – Exodus.  Coming soon.

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  1. […] posted the game summary from last night Apocalypse Word game.  He came up with this fantastic premise: a slower-than-light colony ship sent from Earth generations ago, where something went wrong.  He […]

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