Apocalypse World – Exodus. Terminology

The Exodus does not have a magnetic north pole, and the gravity is artificially produced so even if the vessel is under thrust at the moment (which is unknown) there is no way to absolutely determine direction.  Nevertheless, there are some fairly common directions which can be used under most circumstances to orient people.

Forward – towards the front of the Exodus

Aft – towards the rear of the Exodus

In – towards the interior of the Exodus

Out – towards the exterior of the Exodus

Down – whichever way gravity is pulling

Up – the opposite of down

Higee – anyplace where you feel heavier than normal.  Also, somewhere highly stressful.

Logee – anyplace where you feel lighter than normal.  Also, under the influence of drugs.

Nogee – anyplace where you are effectively weightless.  Also, dead.

Ai – usually considered mythical, Ai is a disembodied intelligence which sometimes appears to or communicates with certain individuals.  Ai is the closest thing that people have to a concept of a deity.

Guidance, Guides – any sort of fortuitous circumstance, luck, or situation that turns out well largely due to events beyond the person’s control.  If you are the sort of person who considers this to be the intervention of entities, it’s “guides” who help you.  Otherwise you received “guidance”.

Bulkhead – replaces all other terms for “door.”  If you live in a pile of junk and the opening is covered with an old blanket, that old blanket is a “bulkhead.”


One thought on “Apocalypse World – Exodus. Terminology

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