The Cunning Cat Caper – character sheets

Cunning Cat Caper2Here are the character sheets that I am using for my FAE game at Fatecon this weekend.  I am running for only four players, so some of the characters won’t be taken, but everyone will have a choice.

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4 thoughts on “The Cunning Cat Caper – character sheets

  1. kedamono says:

    Those are some great cats Ed! Did you use any shots of your cats for any of the Player Cats?

    By the way, Snowflake is soooo Cuuuute!

    • Edmund Metheny says:

      No – I worried (because I worry about everything) that if I used my cats, I might subconsciously be biased in my GMing.

  2. I really love these. Can’t wait to try the adventure.

  3. […] and the premise of John Wick’s game Cat: A little game about little heroes.  He posted the character sheets here; we played Silent the stealthy feral (Amy), Ginger the wise oldster (Jefferson), Bearcat the clever […]

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