Draft of my “Fiasco 40K” Playset

I am going to be running “Fiasco” at the upcoming Good Omens Con and for the occasion I decided to finally bite the bullet and write up my own playset, based on the game “Dark Heresy” set in the Warhammer 40K universe.  Here’s the draft.


This Playset is an accessory for the Fiasco role-playing game by Bully

Pulpit Games based on the DARK HERESY roleplaying game and the Warhammer 40k universe published by Games Workshop.

This Playset copyright ©2013 Edmund Metheny

Fiasco is copyright 2009 by Jason Morningstar. All rights are


For more information about Fiasco or to download other Playsets and

materials, visit http://www.bullypulpitgames.com.

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It seemed like another routine mission in the service of the Holy Inquisition – travel to Gunmetal City on the planet Scintilla, track down some chaos cultists, and eliminate them.  The sort of job you have done countless times.  But this time something went very wrong.  The information you were given was bad, the cultists were tipped off, and now you can’t get in touch with your Inquisitor.  For just this moment, you are out from under the vigilance of your master and the Holy Inquisition.  It’s time to prove that you have real leadership ability by completing the mission…  or to settle old scores.



1.  Rivals for your  Inquisitor’s favor

2.  Former acolytes of a rival Inquisitor

3.  True believer and mercenary

4.  Spy and dupe

5.  Demonhost and minder

6.  Ogryn assault trooper and Ratling sniper



1,  Followers of the Omnissiah

2.  True believer and backslider

3.  Penitent flagellant and overseer

4.  Red Redemption cultists

5.  Devoted to the Imperial Cult

6.  Secret cultists of rival Ruinous Powers


1.  Mind-wiped survivors

2.  Spent 5 years infiltrating a Hive gang

3.  From a world now fallen to Chaos

4.  Went to Schola Progenium together

5.  Sworn blood vengeance against each other



1.  Guardsman and Commissar

2.  Tech Priest and Servitor

3.  Adeptus Arbites and Hive Scum

4.  Priest and Hive Mutant

5.  Assassin and target

6.  Sanctioned Psyker and Sororitas guard/minder


1.  Rescuer, rescuee

2.  Master, defeated foe turned servant

3.  Worked together for many years

4.  One tried to murder the other, and thought they had succeeded

5.  Both up for promotion to Investigator, only one gets promoted

6.  Overt enemies, covert lovers



1.  Xenos

2.  Demons

3.  Heresy

4.  Your Inquisitor

5.  Each other

6.  Everything


I.  To get the truth about

1.  What really happened during the last mission

2.  The mysterious Xenos creature no one else can see

3.  Your Inquisitor’s true loyalties

4.  Who you were before

5.  How the strange artifact works

6.  What they know, but refuse to tell you


II.  To get respect from

1.  Your inquisitor

2.  Yourself

3.  The Emperor

4.  Your true leader, the Genestealer Patriarch

5.  The voices in your head

6.  Everybody


III.  To hide

1.  You disobeyed your Inquisitor’s direct orders

2.  You murdered another Inquisitor

3.  You harbor heretical thoughts

4.  You have a hidden mutation

5.  You are a non-sanctioned psyker

6.  The addiction that makes you dangerously unreliable


IV.  To Take Care of

1.  That 20,000 Throne Gelt debt you owe

2.  The enemies of the Emperor!

3.  Yourself, like always

4.  The corruption that eats away at you

5.  Atonement for your past failure

6.  Your fellow acolytes


V.  To Get Away

1.  From your past mistakes

2.  to a monastery on a Shrine World

3.  as the sole survivor

4.  to the Webway, where your Eldar masters await.

5.  with the ritual

6.  back to your homeworld and family


VI.  To Tell

1.  the acolyte who murdered your lover what they did…  just before you kill them

2.  your Inquisitor about another acolyte’s heresy

3.  the galaxy about the Ecclesiarchy’s lies

4.  your superiors to go feth themselves

5.  your fellow acolytes the truth

6.  everyone you meet that the Emperor loves them and has a wonderful plan for their lives


I.  Upper Gunmetal City

1.  A noble’s mansion, guarded by a private army

2.  A magnificent cathedral

3.  The Duelling Field, where all quarrels can be settled

4.  A sybaritic and never-ending masked ball

5.  A garden containing real, living plants

6.  Miles and miles of air purification machinery


II.  Middle Gunmetal City

1.  A gigantic foundry, turning out autopistols by the millions

2.  An abandoned munitions factory, extremely unstable and unsafe

3.  A small enclave of Adeptus Mechanicus, working in the factories

4.  A filthy shrine to the Emperor, fallen from former glory

5.  A teeming, vermin infested tenement

6.  An Adeptus Arbites Precinct House


III.  Lower Gunmetal City

1.  A rickety bridge over a pool of lava

2.  Headquarters of a vicious underhive gang

3.  Narrow, winding lava tunnels, occasionally filled with toxic gas

4.  An Inquisition Safe House

5.  The debased shrine of a Chaos cult

6.  A vast cavern, filled with mine tailings and industrial cast-offs.


IV.  The Tricorn, Headquarters of the Inquisition (Flashback)

1.  A dank and filthy holding cell and a table full of torture implements

2.  The forbidden archives of the Library

3.  A quiet corridor, rarely visited

4.  The armory, heavily guarded

5.  An interrogation chamber, complete with mind wipe equipment

6.  A shrine to Saint Drusus, heavy with incense and candle smoke


V.  The “Quinarius”, your Inquisitor’s Gunship (Flashback)

1.  The stasis chambers, where the Murder Servitors are stored

2.  The Bridge, during a battle with Pirates

3.   Your quarters, in the middle of ship’s “night”

4.   The Geller Field Genaratorium, while the ship is in warp

5.   A random corridor, cut off during a boarding action

6.  The secluded quarters of the ship’s Astropath


VI.  The Deathworld of Haddrack, your previous mission (Flashback)

1.  A vast field of Brainleaf, slowly draining your life away

2.  Trapped in a cavern, just after the meteor strike

3.  In the Symbiote’s lair

4.  Amidst the Eldar ruins, abandoned for 10,000 years

5.  In the lair of the cultists, about to be sacrificed

6.  Ten minutes from pickup, 5 minutes before the Virus bombs detonate


I.  Holy Relics

1.  A holy bolt gun shell left over from the crusade of Saint Drusus

2.  A relic of Saint Nog stored in a backpack shrine

3.  Bones of the Blessed First, made into a necklace

4.  Fragment of Saint Drusus’ Tomb

5.  Purity Seals attesting to your devotion

6.  A profane, whispering, relic of evil


II.  Troops

1.  A squad of Adeptus Arbites

2.  Three human bombs

3.  A gaggle of Adept scholars

4.  A servoskull with numerous useful attachments

5.  Five Sisters of Battle with Jetpacks and chainswords

6.  One thousand screaming cultists with improvised weapons and damned souls


III.  Weapons

1.  A plasma grenade capable of incinerating everything in a 10 yard radius

2.  A Jokero digital laser, disguised as a ring

3.  An “Eviscerator” – an 8’ chainsaw

4.  An unlimited supply of frag grenades

5.  A bloody chain-axe

6.  A lascannon, capable of destroying tanks


IV.  Miscelleneous

1.  A medikit full of supplies and bandages

2.  Two doses of frenzon and injector

3.  A vial of sacred machine oil, blessed by the Adeptus Mechanicus

4.  Microbead concealable vox units

5.  A set of rusty, blood-crusted manacles

6.  A psychic hood that blocks psychic powers…  usually


V.  Keepsakes

1.  A small lucky charm, passed down through generations

2.  A lock of hair from the first heretic you killed

3.  Several strange, glowing gems found on an alien world

4.  The unholy relic you used to pledge yourself to the Ruinous Powers

5.  One thousand Throne Gelt in several leather bags

6.  A small, furry, disconcertingly friendly alien pet.


VI.  Weird

1.  A piece of Eldar Wraithbone that sings in your head when you touch it

2.  A huge, ancient, spikey sword with indecipherable writing, an unsettling sheathe, and a taste for blood.

3.  A cybernetic arm, not currently attached to anyone

4.  Two-hundred ancient, crumbling scrolls filled with cryptic writing

5.  The soul of an arch-heretic, encased in lead and bound with many wards and seals

6.  An unidentified artifact – it might be powerful, it might do nothing.





  • Worked together for many years

  • Rivals for your Inquisitor’s Favor

  • Secret cultists of rival Ruinous Powers



  • True believer and backslider



  • Adeptus Arbites and Hive Scum



For three players

  • To get respect from the voices in your head

For four or five players add

  • To tell your Inquisitor about the heresy of the other acolytes.



For three or four players

  • Aboard the Quniarius, the secluded chambers of the ship’s Astropath (Flashback)



For three or four players

  • The unholy relic you used to pledge yourself to the ruinous powers



For five players choose one of –


  • Middle Gunmetal City – a teeming, vermin infested tenement



  • A vial of sacred machine oil, blessed by the Adeptus Mechanicus



The locations in this playset are specific to Gunmetal City, one of the locales in the published material for Dark Heresy.  Facilitators or players can substitute their own locales to set the scenario on any of a variety of worlds.


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5 thoughts on “Draft of my “Fiasco 40K” Playset

  1. I can’t wait to try it!

  2. […] playtested recently, including his transposition of the Blue Rose RPG to Fate Core, and his Fiasco playset for the universe of Warhammer 40,000 and Dark Heresy. Today I decided to throw in a bribe in the […]

  3. kedamono says:

    Hey Ed, would you like me to format this up into a PDF with the Fiasco fonts et al?

    • Edmund Metheny says:

      Let me finish it first. I need to add a tilt table, and aftermath table, and some appropriate tables for setting the Fiasco game in different areas. If I am really ambitious I will set up a “soft tilt” (meaning “you don’t die”) table as well.

      • kedamono says:

        For the Emperor! I will obey! Let me know when you get it in a final format. Right I’m playtesting a playset for Tri Tac Games: The Brass Monkey Ball, set in the Hardware Hinterland setting. If you, Sophie and some other gaming friends want to try it out, let me know and I’ll send you a link to the current copy.

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