The Unsung – Work Continues

I discovered soon after my last post about the Unsung that several of the models that I was planning on using for various units are still in Seattle.  So I needed to do a little bit of rethinking and redesigning the basic 1,000 point army to go with the minis I had.  Since I had to substitute, I needed to go back to some earlier stages for some of the models, and do stuff like flock the bases, and in a few cases even base coat.  But at least now I have all the models I want to use ready, so that I can catch up with base coating the stuff that I had to substitute, and then get back to line painting the whole army.

The Unsung - Command Squad (Click to enlarge)

The Unsung – Command Squad
(Click to enlarge)

Here’s the command squad.  Left to right, top to bottom they are – Master of the Fleet, Medic (Squat), radio operator, lascannon team (squats), astropath, Master of ordinance (Squat), company commander, bodyguards (one Beastman, one Ratling).  I wanted the Company Command squad to have an ecclectic feel, reflecting what I hope will be the eclectic feel of the army as a whole.  I do have an Astropath figure up in Seattle that I like better than the one here, which I will eventually switch out.

The Unsung - Platoon Command Squad

The Unsung – Platoon Command Squad
(Click to enlarge)

This is the Platoon Command Squad.  It has a couple of squats operating one of my favorite old 40K weapons, the Mole Mortar.  Note also the medic (upper left, and the commissar (lower right).

The Unsung - Infantry Squad

The Unsung – Infantry Squad
(Click to enlarge)

Typical infantry squad.  I have five of these – two with heavy bolter teams, two with autocannon teams, and one with a lascannon.  They all have grenade launchers as well, and the sergeant has a bolt pistol.  I tried to include one old Imperial Guard model in a non-standard pose in each squad.  In this case, it’s the figure upper left.

The Unsung - Special Weapons Squad (Meltas)

The Unsung – Special Weapons Squad (Meltas)
(Click to enlarge)

For this army, I want humans to make up the tactical squads, and squats to make up the Heavy Weapons and Special Weapons squads.  These fellows are carrying old style Eldar melta guns.  I figure I will need them for anti-vehicle work, given the low number of lascannon I have at this point.

The Unsung - Penal Legion squad

The Unsung – Penal Legion squad
(Click to enlarge)

I got these on eBay a long time ago.  These poor bastards are the main maneuver element of my army at 1,000 points!  I am required to take two infantry units, and everything up to this point only counted as 1!  I was going to use a Veteran or Stormtrooper squad, but those have models up in Washington right now.  Hopefully I can get them back by the time I get to the 2,000 point mark.




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