It was a Fiasco!

Tonight I ran Fiasco for the Monday night Skype game.  It was…  interesting.

We recently got a whole bunch of Fiasco PDFs for Christmas (thanks John!) and the low/no prep characteristic of the game appealed to me for “hip pocket” games run at the last minute.  Because our Monday Night Skype group was having some scheduling problems, I thought I would try setting up a room in Vyew with a quick start version of one of the scenarios so that I would have something to offer on a night when the regular game couldn’t run.

I decided to go with the Dragon Slayers playset for Fiasco because, well, it was a pretty standard trope and looked rather funny.  Because I wanted it to be a game that I could pull out and run quickly, I did some of the groundwork that is normally left to the players by rolling for some of their relationships.  Here are the characters for the session –

B’hludd (Half-Ork Ranger) – B’hludd joined the adventuring party with his friend Dies to try to raise money to buy and open a tavern.  He was bound by a blood ritual to Elshara, and was trying to track down Lilith for a bounty, but was unaware that Lilith wasn’t a woman.  He was also questing for the legendary Blade of Calamity, rumored to be in the dungeon.  Unbeknownst to him, his old master, now a mummy, was the big bad in the dungeon.

Dies-Between-Battles (Kobold Monk) – Dies had joined the adventuring group seeking loot with which to purchase a tavern with his friend B’hludd.  Mike the Fighter had killed his father, though he doesn’t know that.  He had won Elshara in a poker game and she now served him as a thrall.

Elshara (Elf Cleric/Mage) – brought along by Dies, she arranged for Lilith to join the party and hired him to assassinate Dies.  She was bound by a blood oath to B’hludd.  She was also seeking a magical ring on the finger of the big bad, a mummy who was her old master.

Lilith (Human Assassin) – hired by Elshara to assassinate Dies-Between-Battles.  Trying to show up Mike the Fighter and take over leadership of the group, and outdo him in heroics.  Unbeknownst to him, B’hludd is pursuing him for a bounty.  Claims to be a rogue.

Mike the Fighter (Human Fighter) – leader of the group, trying to fend off attempts by Lilith to take over.  Wants to outdo everyone, particularly Lilith, in heroics.  Wants the Blade of Calamity because he thinks it will make him look badass.  Dies-Between-Battles killed his father, though he doesn’t know it.

The adventurers met in a tavern and heard rumors of a terrifying and powerful mummy powerfully terrifying a rural community, which had offered a reward for the creature’s demise.  The game opened with them staring at a small crypt containing stairs…  leading down.

Well – it was a Fiasco.  The party got together and then separated, fell down chutes, fought mummies, spied on one another, got stuck in a gelatinous cube, and just generally behaved like a typical dungeon party.  Act I was going through the dungeon, with Act II planned to be the aftermath.  We got as far as the Tilt and Act II without finding out who had the magic ring, though it  seemed likely that B’hludd would start Act II with the Blade of Calamity in his possession.

Everyone had one heck of a good time, including me.  The Vyew set up allowed us to keep track of all the vital information, dice, and relationships even though we were far apart, and the game ran smoothly.

I am looking forward to Act II next week.


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