You’re doing it wrong!

I have been reading up on the Pirates of the Broken Coast to figure out how they can be better used, and I have come across an interesting sentiment out there.

Several of the commentators out there in the webosphere have mentioned the “amphibious” capabilities of various jacks as being “fluffy” or “useless”.  Why?  The standard answer is because there is usually no deep water on the battlefield.

Folks, much as I HATE that ability, I have to say YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG!  Sophie has the right of it – if you have ‘jacks that are amphibious, have some deep water terrain to put on the table for them!  One of the great features of most miniatures games is how you set up the battlefield, and setting it up for the Pirates shouldn’t be any different than setting up a game where you put some hills in for your Cygnaran Long Gunners.

Does this mean that you are going to play a lot of games near sinkholes, ponds, and rivers?  Yes.  But so what?  Deep water is just another type of terrain, to be used to your advantage – if you can afford to buy a Pirates army, you can afford to get out there and hustle up some deep water terrain to plop on the table for it. Deep water is absolutely lethal to most warjacks, so the Freebooter’s ability to pick up ‘jacks and throw them is really terrifying close to water.

I am looking at some terrain design info on how to create water obstacles.  If and when I get it done, I’ll show it off here.


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