“Dragon Age”

I have been running a game of “Dragon Age” via a wiki for awhile now and posted my most recent turn today.  Based on the computer game (which I loved, incidentally), Dragon Age is a Fantasy game designed to be introductory level.  Because of it’s simplicity, I thought it would be better than most games for an online text game.

I have tried running online text games several times in the past, and they never seemed to be quite satisfactory to me.  There always seems to be a great deal of initial enthusiasm on the part of both the players and myself, and the game goes along tickety-boo for awhile.  Then the game hit some sort of stumbling block –

  • The adventure reaches a point where the party has several courses of action available and the players don’t agree on which to take
  • There’s combat (almost all of the games I have participated in as a player have ground to a sudden and permanent halt at the first combat).
  • A holiday comes along or someone gets sick or someone goes on vacation right at the point where their input is needed to keep the plot moving
  • Someone decides to drop the game right in the middle of a “big scene” for their character

At that point things almost inevitably grind to a screeching halt.  Players suddenly lose interest, or forget about checking for updates, or can’t remember the plot anymore, or the GM realizes he/she has bitten off more than they can chew.  Result – dead game.

I have been far more fortunate than most in my Dragon Age game, since my players have been patient with me and I have been patient with them, and I think we have all learned to float along with the vagueness inherent in this sort of game style.

As for Dragon Age itself, I find the system fun and conveniently easy to run.  Like any system there are a few lumps in the gravy, but overall the game works and works well.  It’s pretty easy to run a combat, pretty easy to resolve skill tests, and pretty easy to come up with some adventures in the vivid world.

Oh, and as a bonus shameless plug, we still have room for a couple of players!

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